Pet Steps by "Moo Moo"

Handmade, custom pet steps and ramps. 

Thank you for visiting our web site. Each step or ramp is handmade one at a time in the USA from all new materials and are affordable. Feel free to contact us should you have further questions or need assistance customizing what works best for you and your fur friends need or situation. Our goal is to allow our pets to continue having the freedom of mobility safely while we are away. We ship to 48 states.

"Moo Moo"

What Dogs Benefit from the Stairs?

If your dog is small, it is not a good idea for he or she to jump high distances because they can hurt their backs and end up with pain later on when they are older. Dogs, like humans, when they injure a joint at an early age, it can later develop arthritis, so the dog stairs or ramp become an excellent way in which to provide your dog a comfortable step-up.

Many people have dog steps in more than one area of the home, this way it prevents you from having to move the stairs from furniture to furniture. In addition, when you are away from your home, you can feel confident knowing your dog will use the stairs or ramp to climb to his or her favorite piece of furniture rather than jump and possibly injure themselves. Most dogs take to the pet stairs with very little training, in fact most enjoy it because it is easier than jumping.

​​​​Helping our fur friends and owners, young and old, big or small, make life easier and help prevent injuries.​