Pet Steps by "Moo Moo"

Handmade, custom pet steps and ramps. 

Pet Steps by "Moo Moo" began in 2013 after endless months of searching for pet steps specific to our own needs for our fur baby

"Moo Moo". The selections were very limited and offered a one size fits all, but the fact is, one size does not fit all. We purchased the snap together steps with the fleece cover but the steps were not stable and wobbled so Moo Moo was intimidated and would not use them. Because we love our pets and want to keep them safe, we custom build the steps to meet the needs of your home, the safety and the comfort to get to their favorite resting places. Unfortunately pets do get arthritis just as humans do, hip dysplasia, various special needs issues, aging pets, longer bodied breeds as well as the teacup size. Age has no barrier. Our veterinarian loved our concept  and encouraged us to share it so that other pet owners could have peace of mind in helping to make their fur friends lives easier and prevent injury. Our desire and passion is to allow our fur friends the freedom and safety of getting up and down to their favorite resting place and prevent injuries to the knees and back due to the constant impact of jumping up and down. Each pet step and ramp are handmade one at a time by me in the USA, with all new materials. The backs are left open for ease of moving.

​“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” ~Roger Caras

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face. ~Ben Williams

Dogs are miracles with paws. ~Attributed to Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy 

"Dogs do speak, but only to those that know how to listen."

-Orhan Pumuk "My name is Red"

​​​​About Pet Steps by "Moo Moo"

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