Pet Steps by "Moo Moo"

Handmade, custom pet steps and ramps. 

Fully enclosed and felt lined for storage
Custom build for a lab that endured a failed hip surgery and unable to use steps. The ramp allowed him to have mobility to get to his favorite seat
Wraparound for use with limited space to wrap around furniture
Foldable ramp for SUV's
​Extra wide for full coverage of furniture
4 step-16" wide 6" tread and 6" rise
Custom build for a chihuahua or any tea cup breed
Built for longer bodied breeds
Window platform 
Custom build with closed back
​​Our 1st build for "Moo Moo" and  how it all began 
​​6' Foldable ramp with sides
Extended lip to fill the gap between the landing & mattress to prevent a paw from slipping through
Back left open for ease of moving
Stationary ramp with slats
4 step standard with sides to provide direction and security,  prevents jumping off the side
Custom build 5 step for boxers, 10" tread with 8" rise