Oliver is loving his new pet steps (and we are loving not having to pick him up and put him back down every time he wants on and off the couch)! We'll be in touch after the holidays to get a second set! Thanks so much!

A happy owner from Lima and the before and after pics of how his fur babies used to get in and out of bed. Happy endings knowing we made a difference making life easier and prevent injuries. Thank you! Tony

​​​​​​​Rooster and his custom built ramp so he can get in and out easier to go for rides, he's a happy boy now and so are his owners!

Thank you so much for the steps you made for my pups. They love them and started using them right away. I know it

is much easier on my dachshund's back. Julie, Westerville, OH

Noella our little New York, NY 4 month old fur baby received her steps. Her momma said she didn't even wait for an invite, momma is a happy customer knowing Noella can get up by herself and prevent injury. She's a cutie!!

Pet Steps by "Moo Moo"

Handmade, custom pet steps and ramps. 

Trixie enjoying her new Pet steps by Moo Moo. Thank you!

A happy customer from Lancaster, OH

The steps that you made for Puppy are great!!! She thinks she is so cool now that she can get up on the bed herself.

A happy customer from Columbus, OH

Another happy pooch "Bobbi" enjoying her Pet Steps by Moo Moo to get to her favorite spot all by herself and at her convenience to look out the window and see whats going on. here. Hilliard, OH

Buster, our eight year old Brussels Griffon on his new pet steps "guarding" the house at his favorite window. So thankful for these specially sized steps from Pet Steps by Moo Moo!

A happy customer from Columbus, OH

A custom build gift from Grandpa in Ohio to "Pom Pom" in Flower Mound, Texas

Here are my foster babies loving their pet steps. These steps have now been through 30+ foster kittens & still going strong. Thanks for great workmanship

Dude LOVES his Pet Steps by Moo Moo! ...they are so versatile and multi-functional!

The Dude says "THANK you! for helping me get up on Mama's new bed! It was too tall for an older gentleman of my dignity to jump up on, and I need to help keep Mama safe and warm in this terrible winter weather!" (The Vallie Girl says thanks also, even though she doesn't believe she needs them... but it helps to keep her girlish manners to step up, rather than taking a flying leap like the hellion Woo...)

Mama's back says thanks, too, cause as handsome as the Dude is...he's no lightweight!

Kay A happy customer from Prospect, OH